Mobile Internet Hotspots

ACPL is excited to offer mobile internet hotspots for checkout.  The mobile internet hotspot will allow you to access T-Mobile's 4G LTE network for fast uploads and downloads.  You can also connect up to eight WiFi capable devices (laptops, tablets, eReaders, etc.) to the internet at once.  The mobile internet hotspot User Guide can be found here

Library card holders age 12 and older can borrow the mobile internet hotspots for a period of 7 days. Hotspots may be placed on hold and may be renewed once if there are no active holds.  While this device is available free of charge, if not returned by the due date you will be charged $1 a day, up to a maximum of $5.  If the device is returned damaged or not returned at all, you will be charged $175 for the replacement cost of the item.  When the mobile internet hotspot becomes 5 days overdue it will cease to function and you will no longer be able to use the internet. 

Internet content filtering is NOT provided with mobile internet hotspots.  By using the hotspot you are agreeing that you will not take part in any illegal activities.

Startup Guide

The device itself is battery operated and needs to be charged.  When fully charged the battery can have a life of up to 10 hours.  This is dependent on how many devices are connected and how much data is being used.

Startup Guide

If you need assistance, please contact our Ask a Librarian service at (260) 421-1200 or use our online form.

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