Library of Things

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Call the Little Turtle branch at (260) 421-1335 or email for more information.

The Library of Things is a special collection of "things" that you can check out with your library card. These items are meant to personally enrich your lifelong learning experience - whether it's through interactive outdoor activities, baking, music or art.  Call the Little Turtle branch at (260) 421-1335 or email for more information.

How It Works

  • Library card holders age 12 and older are invited to check out items from the Library of Things from the Little Turtle branch library. Can't make it to the Little Turtle branch? Place items on hold for pickup at your favorite library location.
  • Items can be checked out for 7 days. Items can be renewed 1 time, pending holds placed by other patrons.
  • Fines on overdue items are $1 per day, up to $5. Lost, damaged or incomplete sets will be charged replacement cost. To find out replacement costs of individual items, please check with library staff.
  • Returned items must be taken back to the library in clean, working condition.
  • Please return items from this collection inside a library location whenever possible.  Large items will not fit inside drop boxes.
  • Do you have a suggestion for the next "Thing" we should add to the collection? Please let us know!


Acoustic Guitar Kit

Included: 1 acoustic guitar
1 tuner with battery
1 strap
1 case
1 guitar stand

Electric Guitar Kit

Included: 1 electric guitar
1 amplifier
1 power adapter
1 ¼" instrument cable
2 picks
1 guitar stand
1 case
1 guitar stand

Ukulele Kit

Included: 1 soprano ukulele
1 ukulele tuner with battery
1 instruction sheet

Keyboard Kit

Included: 1 61-key portable Yamaha keyboard
1 AC adaptor
1 music rest
1 sustain pedal
1 instruction booklet

Cake Decorating Kit (67 pieces)

Included: 1 11" cake turntable
2 icing smoothers
1 decorating comb
1 decorating spatula
1 offset decorating spatula
1 cake leveler
1 blade cover
1 clamp
1 cake leveler instruction sheet
1 55 piece decorating tipe set, with case
1 book, "The Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating"

Volleyball set

Included: 1 volleyball
1 net
2 guy wires
1 spool
1 boundary line
2 top poles
2 middle poles
2 bottom poles
1 ball pump
1 mesh bag
Instruction Sheet

Ladder Toss

Included: 6 bolos
2 yellow scoring rungs
2 blue scoring rungs
2 red scoring rungs
2 score tracker pipes
10 short pipes
4 elbow connectors
Instruction sheet

Cornhole Game

Included: 8 bean bags (4 red, 4 blue)
2 targets (1 red, 1 blue)
4 support bars
4 short pipes
2 leg support bars
1 instruction sheet

Lawn Darts

Included: 4 soft tip darts
6 scoring rings
Instruction sheet

Lawn Bowling

Included: 10 wooden bowling pins
2 wooden bowling balls
Instruction sheet

Portable wifi projector

Included: Nebula Capsule projector
1 remote control
1 charging block
1 charging cable
1 cable adapter

Karaoke kit

Included: 1 Karaoke media player (DVD, MP3G, CDG, Bluetooth)
2 microphones
1 RCA cable
1 smartphone holder
1 remote control
2 AAA batteries
1 AC adaptor
1 cable for smart device
2 MP3G demo discs
Instruction sheet

Birding Kit

Included: 1 Nikon Aculon binoculars
1 lens cleaning cloth
1 lens cap
1 strap and case
1 book, "The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America"
2 instruction sheets (English & Spanish)

Blu-ray Player

Included: 1 Ultra HD 4k Blu-ray player
1 remote control
1 instruction sheet

Weaving Loom

Included: 1 24"x21" loom
Wooden rod
3 shuttles
Wooden comb
4 instruction sheets

Knitting Needles, Interchangeable Circular

Included: 14 knitting needle tips
4 cords
12 size markers
8 end caps
4 cord keys
Instruction sheet

Embroidery Hoop, various sizes

Included: Embroidery Hoop, various sizes

Paper Quilling Kit

Included: 5 quilling tools
1 quilling comb
1 tweezer
1 ruler

Knitting Needles, various sizes

Included: Knitting Needles, various sizes

Crochet Hooks, ergonomic

Included: 9 crochet hooks
9 yarn needles
10 stitch markers

Contact us

Call the Little Turtle branch at (260) 421-1335 or email for more information.