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Studio Production Times 

Access Fort Wayne's Studio A and Studio B are available for production on a first come, first serve basis at no charge to Allen County residents. Equipment can be reserved up to 60 days in advance of the production date. To schedule time, call the office at (260) 421-1250. The current hours for production are:

Monday, Tuesday, 
Wednesday & Thursday
9 am – 12pm
1 pm – 4 pm
4 pm – 6 pm
6 pm – 9 pm 
Friday & Saturday 9 am – 12pm
1 pm – 4 pm

Producers are allowed 2 studio production times per month.  

Access Fort Wayne
900 Library Plaza
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802 

How to become a producer

  1. Call Access Fort Wayne at 421-1250 to sign up for our Orientation andask us questions.   
  2. Attend the Access Fort Wayne Orientation that is typically held on the 1st Tuesday of the month starting at 6:30 pm. 
  3. Read the Rules and Policies and sign our Producer form.  
  4. To schedule TV studio or editing time call 421-1250, and any Access Fort Wayne staff person can help you. 
  5. To use a TV Studio you will need crew.  Pick up a list of AFW trained volunteers from the AFW staff, and call your production crew. 
  6. Show up on your production date and "do" the show. 
  7. Once your program is completed, fill out the Program Playback Contract.
  8. Talk with the Program Director to find out when and what channel your program air date will be. 

Since you may produce as many shows as you want, simply repeat steps 4 - 8 when you are ready to produce another program.  You may only reserve 2 studio sessions per month. 

How to volunteer

To become an Access Fort Wayne Television Volunteer, first fill out a Volunteer Application.

The Volunteer Services Manager of the ACPL will then contact you to schedule an interview, discussing your interests and skills, time availability, and other aspects of volunteering in making a good fit for AFW. The Volunteer Services Manager will schedule you for the next AFW Studio workshop. Public Access Trainer, Eugene Gussenhoven will then contact you to set-up an Orientation to AFW's facilities.

If you have further questions about Access Fort Wayne, please call us at 260-421-1250, or if you have questions about volunteering at the ACPL, contact Danielle Gleason.

Entry Level Workshops at AFW

Camera Training comes in two introductory workshops: Studio and Camcorder.

The Studio workshop covers basic camera movements and working as a unit for in-studio television productions.

The Camcorder workshops builds on the Studio skills training for field productions including basic audio and technical support.

Advanced Workshops

Volunteers working on programs can earn higher training through volunteer hours. 20 hours working on Studio Camera opens the Audio Operator workshop where volunteers learn about the precise art of the other half of television. 20 hours running audio for programs nets volunteers focused Directing training to handle all aspects of television production from concept to creation. Each of these workshops take place one on one when a volunteer works the programs and wants to learn.

Community Calendar

The Community Calendar airs on both Access 1 and Access 2 between programs and at night. It is also aired every day at 4pm on Access 1 (Comcast cable channel 55, Verizon FiOS channel 25) and at 3pm on Access 2 (Comcast cable channel 57, Verizon FiOS channel 27). The messages run on a continuous loop. There are 80+ thousand Comcast cable & Verizon FiOS subscribers in Allen County, so 80+ thousand people are able to see the Community Calendar messages. Neither cable subscribers outside Allen County nor those who subscribe to a satellite dish will receive public access channels. Jazz music accompanies the messages. 

Guidelines for submitting a message:

- It MUST be on a Message Request Form
- An authorizing signature is required. 
- The Community Calendar is for non-profit purposes ONLY. We do not list job openings. We do not list prices or prices of tickets/admission for non-profit events.
- We CAN indicate: "FREE" or "for ticket info..." 

Get your messages in early! Please allow at least 1 week before the date you want your message to BEGIN airing. Our Operations Assistant needs the lead-time!

Example of what's OK: 
Bake Sale
At 1st Church of God at 123 Main St.
Sunday 01/01/01 from 9am to 3pm 
For more info call 123-4567 or visit us on the web at ...

Community Calendar Service: Frequently Asked Questions

What information should I include?

  • What is taking place (a bake sale)
  • Where is it (1st Church of God, 123 Main)
  • When is it (Sunday 01/01/01, 9am to 3pm)
  • Who is it for (benefiting?)
  • Who is invited?
  • How does the public find out more? (include a phone number or website)
  • Why?

Remember, space is limited to the size of the television screen. This means you may need to leave out some of the least important information. Stick to the basics; if there is too much information, your message will be edited down. 

Can I include a picture? 

Yes! You can E-mail it or snail-mail it. Don't fax it! Fax pictures are not clear. Please, make it no bigger than an 8x11 and no smaller than 4x4. If you are sending it via E-mail, make it a JPEG, GIF or BMP, no larger that 800 X 600 pixels and no smaller than 200 X 200 at 72 DPI.

How long will my message air?

Thirty days is the guideline. If you want your message to run longer, please contact our Operations Assistant

Questions? Contact Us

Access Fort Wayne is looking for people interested in making their own television programs to be played back within Allen County on Cable and Fios. Here is more information about the different channels that make up the Access Fort Wayne department of the Allen County Public Library.