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Women's History Celebration

by Communications & Development | Mar 17, 2017
Women History

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Clubwomen and Music in Gilded Age Chicago: Frances Macbeth Glessner, Mozart, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Melanie Bookout 10:00 AM, Discovery Center Melanie Bookout examines the work of a major music patron, Frances Macbeth Glessner (1848-1932), patron and friend to many of the best musicians, artists, poets, and writers who lived or worked in Chicago. Glessner was an accomplished pianist, and her activities as clubwoman and patron offer a rich glimpse of music-making in “frontier” America.  

Mommy, What Did You Do During the War? -
Delia Bourne 11:30 AM, Discovery Center How did women participate in the military efforts during war time in the United States? How did this change from one war to the next? Discover answers to these questions and how your female ancestors could have contributed to the military efforts through the years.  

Dames and Darbies - Female Detectives -
Allison DePrey Singleton 1:30 PM, Discovery Center
Learn about women detectives, a most unusual profession for the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Women like Alice Clement, Kate Warne, Mary Shanley, and Frances Glessner Lee (daughter of Frances Macbeth Glessner) paved the way for women doing detective work today.

To register for these FREE events, call 260-421-1225 or email Genealogy@ACPL.Info.
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